We want to say “Goodbye to Caffeine” this month in November to excuse ourselves from last month’s strawberry cream. We hope you enjoy!

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First Honeybush Chocolate Cake

Doesn’t the thought of a rich chocolate cake make your mouth water? While this tea contains actual chocolate chips, you needn’t feel guilty! Grown in South Africa, honeybush is often used to make herbal tea and shares similarities with rooibos.

*Contains Honeybush, chocolate chips (sugar, ground cocoa, cocoa butter, powdered cocoa, *soy lecithin), caramel pieces (sweetened condensed milk, sugar, glucose, molasses, butterfat, sorbitol) flavours, rosebuds.

Testing notes

Smooth, aromatic chocolate caramel flavour; honeybush and rosebud create a rich and interesting infusion.

Brewing guide

Pour one cup of 100ºc water with one teaspoon of “Honeybush Chocolate Cake” and steep for about 5 minutes.

Second Pistachio Blend

A warming tisane infusion with the rich and nutty taste of pistachio and hazelnut, which can often be found in ice cream. Gentle and soothing on the stomach due to its low acidic content.

*Contains Apple Pieces, Orange Peel, Wild Strawberry Leaves, White Cornflower, Blossoms, Raspberry Leaves, Flavouring, Pistachios, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Pink Peppercorns, Fennel, Brittle Pieces (Sugar, Hazelnuts, Invert Sugar).

Testing notes

Gentle, warm tisane infusion with subtle rich and nutty touches of pistachio, hazelnut and caramel.

Brewing guide

Pour one cup of 100ºc water with one teaspoon of “Pistachio blend” and steep for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Third Carrot Orange Rooibos

Rooibos is back again but this time with a delightfully unusual combination of vegetables and fruit, with the finest green rooibos tea from South Africa. So if you like Rooibos, we would recommend this different non-caffeine take on it. Best served hot.

*Contains Green Rooibos tea, carrot bits, apple pieces, natural flavour, balm, citrus peel and orange juice with pulp

Testing notes

Fruity, bright and sweet. Very warm and soothing scent hugs you until you’ve finished the cup.

Brewing guide

Steep one teaspoon of “Carrot Orange Rooibos” in one cup of 100ºc water for about 5 minutes.

Fourth China Sencha Decaffeinated

Sencha or “steeped tea” is especially popular in Japan, representing over 80% of consumption, but this one is from China which means it is less bitter than its Japanese cousin. It is a very high quality decaffeinated green tea, commonly served as an everyday beverage.

*Contains decaffeinated green tea

Testing notes

Grassy with a light bitterness, with a surprisingly fresh taste. You can also trace a light sweetness and mild tang.

Brewing guide

Pour one cup of 70-80ºc water with one teaspoon of “China Sencha Decaffeinated” tea and let steep for just 30 seconds.

* Allergy warning

All in all, we have curated a very nice combination of teas that we want to introduce to you for this month and we hope you enjoy them. If you have any more questions, please contact us through team@diversitea.co

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November - Goodbye Caffeine

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