To all you party animals out there, we have curated a box with a selection of teas that will aid in your Christmas detox. You will feel the aftermath of the holiday escapades disappear with our warm and delightful detox teas.

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Tangawizi Lemon

First Tangawizi Lemon

Tangawizi Lemon is a classic ginger and lemon based herbal infusion. Tangawizi means "ginger" in Swahili. The predominant ginger flavour adds a warmth to the refreshing lemon notes. This tea makes for a relaxing and cleansing experience. Caffeine-free and most popular in the colder months.

Contains Lemongrass, Stevia Leaves, Ginger, Lemon pieces, Apple Pieces, Cinnamon, Hibiscus Petals, Cardomom, Clove

Tasting notes

Strong ginger flavour, bringing a wonderful warmth and comforting experience, with a nice delicate pinch of citrus note from lemon and a cinnamon finish.

Brewing guide

Pour a cup of 100° C water with one teaspoon of "Tangawizi Lemon" and let steep for 6-8 minutes.

Winter Star Rooibos

Second Winter Star Rooibos

Rooibos is well-known for its cleansing effects. Winter Star Rooibos produces a lovely bright red brew. This tea gets its name from Betelgeuse, the ninth brightest star in the sky, because of its bright red glow. This luscious, caffeine-free blend of Premium Rooibos, Moroccan Almonds, papaya pieces and marzipan makes for a full-bodied, sweet herbal tea. So before you wish upon a star tonight, brew up a nice warm cup of Winter Star Rooibos ;)

Contains Rooibos, Papaya Pieces, Almond Pieces

Tasting notes

Wonderful nutty almond flavour mingles with a sweet marzipan aroma, deepening the distinct flavour of rooibos.

Brewing guide

Pour a cup of 100° C water with one teaspoon of "Winter Star Rooibos" and let steep for 3-7 minutes.

Winter Earl Grey

Third Winter Earl Grey

Winter Earl Grey is the perfect tea to warm you up in the wintertime, blending classic Earl Grey with cinnamon and cloves. Based on a luxury black tea from Sri Lanka, this tea has an exquisite bergamot aroma. Orange peel, sumac berries and a light touch of white sugar snowflakes transport you to a winter wonderland with every sip.

Contains Luxury Black Tea, cinnamon pieces, cloves, sumac berries, orange peel, cornflower petals, white snowflakes (Sugar, Rice Flour, Cocoa Butter, Thickener (Tragacanth)

Tasting notes

Amazing Earl Grey flavour with the warm flavors of cinnamon and cloves.

Brewing guide

Pour a cup of 100° C water with one teaspoon of "Winter Earl Grey" and let steep for 3-7 minutes..

Chunmee Taipan Superior

Fourth Chunmee Taipan Superior

Grown in the Hunan region of China, Chunmee Taipan Superior is a well-known luxury tea that is still made using old techniques. Pale yellow-green in appearance, this strong, earthy tea is known for its eyebrow-shaped leaf (Chun mee) and roasted green tea flavor with a smooth finish. An early spring tea to be enjoyed at any time of day that will clean your body and mind.

Contains pure luxury green tea from Hunan, China

Tasting notes

Delightful hint of grassy notes. Smooth, refreshing and clean.

Brewing guide

Pour a cup of 80-90° C water with one teaspoon of "Chunmee Taipan Superior" and let steep for 2-4 minutes. .