It is spring finally and the flowers are starting to wake up. We are really excited at DiversiTea for spring. We’ve all been working with our coats on.. We’ve got a collection of interesting teas that will “wake” you up for spring and give you that extra energy to enjoy it.

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Orange Juli

First Orangajuli TGFOP Assam Tea

The delightfully tangy flavor of this tea lingers on your tongue even after you've finished the cup. Hailing from the renowned Orangajuli tea garden, this black tea produces a gorgeous deep copper colour and the familiar malty taste of first-flush Assam leaves in the spring.

Contains Premium black tea leaves.

Tasting notes

Fresh, full liquor with a hint of spiciness. Slightly malty and flowery aroma, leaving a delightfully tangy aftertaste.

Brewing guide

Steep one teaspoon in one cup of 100° C water for 2-3 minutes.

Mate Orange

Second Sweet Orange Yerba Mate Blend

This roasted tea from Argentina is a unique and interesting infusion, light and soft with a pleasantly sweet hint of orange. Highly caffeinated to leave you with a boost of energy to start out your day.

Contains Yerba Mate, Orange Peel, Liquorice Root, Orange Blossoms, Natural Orange Flavouring.

Tasting notes

Flavours vary from woody and light, nutty and soft, and slightly fruity.

Brewing guide

Infuse one teaspoon with one cup of 70-80° C water for 3-5 minutes. Keep adding hot water for further infusions.

Duchess Earl Grey Tea

Third Duchess Earl Grey Tea

High quality Earl Grey tea, coppery and bright in color with a citrus twist. A royally divine alternative to traditional Earl Grey.

Contains Black Tea, Orange Pieces, Cornflower and Rose petals, Lime Leaves, Natural Flavours

Tasting notes

Dried lemon peels and orange bits add a citrus zing, combined with classic bergamot oil for a full-bodied flavor you're sure to love. Refreshing and uplifting.

Brewing guide

Infuse one teaspoon with one cup of 100° C water for 3-7 minutes.

Mint Camomile

Fourth Minty Camomile Blend

A soothing, caffeine-free herbal tea with touches of mint and a fruity profile. Perfect to relax with at any time of day.

Contains Luxury Egyptian camomile, Luxury Washington peppermint.

Tasting notes

Egyptian camomile flowers combined with high quality peppermint leaves.

Brewing guide

Infuse one to two teaspoon in one cup of 100° C water for 6-8 minutes.

Spring Wake Up Call

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