It will be Chinese New Year next month (on 16th February to be exact), so we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate the culture where it all started. We’ve brought you a selection of teas that we felt reflected and honoured the ancient drink that is tea.

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Gunpowder of Heaven

First Gunpowder Temple of Heaven

This top quality, robust green tea produces a lovely dark green hue with a delightfully light aftertaste. Leaf by leaf, tea has been hand-rolled as tiny pearls. Best served hot and paired with a hearty winter meal, though it tastes equally delicious iced.

Contains pure green tea leaves.

Tasting notes

Wonderfully light but distinct flavour. Smooth yet slightly smoky.

Brewing guide

Add one teaspoon Gunpowder Temple of Heaven to one cup of 70-80° C water and let steep for 20 seconds. To soften the leaves, first rinse with hot water then re-infuse.

China Jasmine

Second China Jasmine

Ring in the Chinese New Year with this festive green tea, unique with its golden colour and jasmine blossom flavour. You will undoubtedly enjoy sipping on this at any time of the day, but it is especially pleasant in the evening - hot or iced.

Contains green tea and jasmine blossoms.

Tasting notes

Intoxicating aroma with a delicate jasmine flavour, balanced with the refreshingly light taste of green tea.

Brewing guide

Add one teaspoon China Jasmine to a cup of 70-80° C water and let steep for 20-30 seconds.

Sencha Strawberry

Third Sencha Strawberry Lychee

A pleasantly unique green tea blend, this sencha is a real flavour sensation blended to delight your taste buds. The fresh flavour of sweet lychee mingles with soft floral notes from the delicate rose petals and jasmine blossoms. Freeze-dried strawberries are the final touch to this delicate, fruity-floral masterpiece.

Contains green tea, freeze-dried strawberry pieces, jasmine blossoms, rose petals.

Tasting notes

Sweet, fruity and soft. Flowery notes and graceful berry notes build upon fresh and tangy Sencha.

Brewing guide

Add one teaspoon of Sencha Strawberry Lychee to one cup of 70-80° C water and infuse for about a minute.

Sencha Rose

Fourth Sencha Rose

Rose has always been loved due to its delicate natural flavour. Sencha green tea with lovely little rosebuds produces a pleasing golden-green colour. This tea delivers a harmonious balance of sweet, warming rose with the refreshing, lively nature of green tea. A refreshing brew ideal for any time of the day.

Contains sencha green tea and rosebuds 

Tasting notes

Sweet, soothing rose combined with delicate sencha.

Brewing guide

One teaspoon of Sencha Rose is combined with one cup of 80° C water and infused for 20-30 seconds.