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There are millions of different teas around the world. Let us find the right tea for you, so you can just sit back and relax having the tea that you might really enjoy.

Our Values


Exquisite taste

Enjoy the finest quality loose leaf teas, freshly sourced from the best tea experts in the UK



As the seasons change, each of our tea boxes comes with a new unique flavour.



When it comes to our tea, environmental sustainability is a crucial part of our process.

How DiversiTea Works

Each month DiversiTea selects two different teas, packs them into our environmentally friendly package and delivers them directly to your doorstep.


Tea Quiz: Personal guide to the world of tea

There's an infinite array of teas out there. Start exploring with our short Tea Quiz, which will help you find the tea that suits you best. Get custom tea recommendations based on your particular flavour preferences.

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Tea Dictionary: Peruse our infinite array of teas

From chocolate cake tea to the finest FTGFOP1 graded black tea, we have collected diverse teas of unparalleled quality. Our tea would make a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one. Simply browse, pick and brew!

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